Our goal is to make this experience 100% free for these participants…. Please join TEAM WHO YOU BE and help in these three ways:


    The "Get It Started" campaign is on INDIEGOGO. The "Get It Started" campaign goal is $29,750 and launches August 25th
    • INDIEGOGO link, coming soon
    • Donate directly to WHO YOU BE?: $3,500 sponsors the full tuition and transportation for a participant in Resilience Retreats. Email whoyoube.org@gmail.com for more information.
    • Watch for more info coming with stretch goals or other opportunities to support this program.


    Help build the Resilience Retreats community by inviting others to the TEAM and participate in our referral contest
    • Your personal invitation to get involved is one you can also give away to others
    • Our INDIEGOGO campaign will offer a referral contest, look for great prizes!
    • Please talk about this project! Share it with the people in your life that might want to explore “how empowered will I be by helping to make this happen, and how empowered will others be through my prayers, my presence, my gifts and my service?”
    • Be part of spreading the word to others through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

  3. REFER

    If you know a Military Family, please refer them to our recruiting program.... they serve us and we want to serve them
    • We are looking for up to 150 families for whom this program can make a difference in 2016. If you know of such a family please let us know. We want to serve!
    • Recruiter: SGT. Corey Flanagan, USAR, coreyflanagan@gmail.com
    • Request more information: whoyoube.org@gmail.com
    • Or call Deb and speak with her: 760-60-WHOBE

WHO YOU BE is a Virginia NPO formed in 2015. Current IRS rules will allow WHO YOU BE to apply for its 501 (c) 3 tax exemption status in 2016. Gifts are not presently eligible as a tax deduction, and may be retroactively so once a determination letter is issued by the IRS. WHO YOU BE Board of Directors is intentional about conduct of the organization with all best practices of an eligible charitable organization.