RESILIENCE is defined as the ability to overcome challenges with flexibility, inner strength, and a positive outlook. For military families, life’s challenges may come in the form of deployment and redeployment of the service member, frequent moves to another state or country, the return of a warrior with physical or mental wounds, and other stressful events unique to military culture.


Supporting Our Military Families: 11 Day Retreats for Teens

During their 11 day stay at Advantage Ranch the teens will live together, learn together, work together, and be together. This togetherness provides connection and the opportunity to know that whatever challenges they face as military children their retreat-mates have similar challenges and concerns. To know that you are not alone in the world is a powerful outcome of Resilience Retreat.

Horses and Horsemanship
Horses provide a mirror through which we can clearly see ourselves, and a supportive partnership for exploring our points of view and the impact of our actions.

Yoga helps us get present to our own minds and learn to direct and focus mental activity, reduce stress and be more effective.

DISC: Understand Human Behavior
DISC is a tool for better understanding of ourselves and others and an access to clear communication and practices of compassion.

Creative Art
Art lets us show what we cannot tell, opens us to a visceral experience of one another.

Challenge Courses
Learn team work, problem solving and creativity, with emphasis on communication and trust

Explore and experience really being present with our retreat mates, and with our families

Sharing and story-telling, we’ll be joined by veterans and their families so that the teens can hear the point of view of people who have served.

Advantage Ranch Leadership Development and Team Building activities with horses

Strategy Games
Games to experience a warrior’s way

Conversation & Coaching
To be coachable is to be willing to take on suggested behaviors and try them out, completely, and with a willing heart. Be coachable: authentic sharing happens in this safe space, get fully in the game.