Everything you would look for in a place to learn to ride, or care for your horse, and collaborate with you in the training of your own horse is available at Advantage Ranch.

SUMMER CAMPS - Horses, Yoga, and Nature

Advantage Ranch Riding Students: Horsemanship, Leadership, and Team Building
$595/week, Monday -Friday, 9 to 5    Click here to Register
Our summer riding intensive is offered exclusively for students of Advantage Ranch LLC horsemanship programs, Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. This is second element of the three part experience in learning all about horse shows, creating and working plans, and a focus on team building. Extensive riding, showmanship, pattern work and obstacle courses along with all the how to's of getting a horse ready to show.

Dates: May 29-June 2, 2017

$195/week, Monday -Thursday, 9 to 4    Click here to Register
Play the “Hide in Plain Sight” Game: get out of the virtual world (computer games, internet, “social” media) and learn scouting and woodman’s skills in the real world. Discover nature, experience strategy and develop focus. Manage Life’s Obstacles (It may be hot, it may be raining, there will be insects) through challenge course practices and team work. Boys and girls, ages 8 – 14, will learn Land Navigation by Compass, fort building, explore the Grottoes, have a Scavenger Hunt & lunch prepared on the camp fire.

Click here for more information: BLAST! Camp Flyer

Dates: June 05-08 & June 12-15, 2017

Advantage Ranch Yoga Camp
$295/week, Monday -Thursday, 8:30 to 3:30    Click here to Register
Studies show that kids who learn a basic yoga practice do better in school and experience less anxiety. Yoga provides physical health benefits and gives access to inner peace. In Advantage Ranch Yoga Camp each day will offer twice daily yoga class in the tent with fabulous Yogini Morgan Stoevener. Class offers a practice of stillness, followed by physical stretching and balance postures, with a wrap up in group reflection and inspirational readings. And there will be great time in the out of doors in walking meditations, time to relax and plenty of fun. Participants may explore the labyrinth and have the opportunity to explore relationships at the Ranch, with animals (horses and cats) and the natural world. Each participant will have the opportunity to invite a family member to join in for a class, building a family experience of a Yoga life.

Click here for more information: Yoga Camp Flyer

Dates: June 05-08 & June 12-15, 2017

Horses and Horsemanship Camp
$395/week, Monday - Thursday, 9 to 4    Click here to Register
What Are Horses Thinking? How do they understand us? How do we communicate with them? Ages 8 – 18, learn to groom, lead, and ride a horse. Riding instruction is tailored to the skills of each rider through small group lessons. Connection and confidence come through practicing a powerful voice and learning to direct a 1,000 pound animal. Courage develops through Equestrian Vaulting (stand up on the back of a moving horse!). Explore life skills in team building games, and gratitude exercises.

Click here for more information: Horse Camp Flyer

Dates: June 19-22 & June 26-29 & July 3-6, 2017

Resilience Retreats
$4,995/session, 11-day Residence Camp    Click here to Register

Young women ages 12 through 17 get life skills at making their dreams come true in this innovative experiential 11 day, live at the Ranch, retreat. Advantage Ranch and Retreat Center, in partnership with EAGLE Experience (NPO), presents this unique interface of military and civilian youth in an intentional experience of active citizenship on the national scale. The program design offers all the personal development benefits of camps.... lasting friendships, peer support, fun activities in horses and horsemanship, yoga and meditation, natural world experiences, campfire, creativity and great conversations. AND goes beyond, offering cutting edge experiential learning through challenges and team building contests specifically designed to have each participant reach that moment of deep personal test: "when faced with difficulties what choices will you make? who will you choose to be? and how do you make your choice real in your life?" Facilitators are expert ilfe coaches and transformational specialists. Resilience Retreats helps our young ladies discover their character, compassion and confidence. Each one will be touched, moved and inspired by one of these opportunities: Perseverence in the face of Challenge; Calm in the face of Chaos; Courage in the face of Fear; Purpose in the face of Pain; Belonging in the face of Isolation; Excellence in the face of Mediocrity; Grace in the fae of Anger; Joy in the face of Heartache; Gratitude in the face of Entitlement; Resilience in the face of Resignation.

EAGLE Experience is determined to offer tuition support for all military families. More information is available at www.eagle-experience.org

Dates: July 15-26 & July 29 - August 09, 2017

Are you a working parent? Our summer day program may qualify you for an IRS Tax Credit.
The central commitment is for kids to be challenged and supported in:

“Who are you being in the world?”
“How do you get along with others?”
“What are you doing to make a difference?”