Special Approach

The All Things Possible Farm stories explore many of the concerns that children have from the perspective of a child’s world view and with active conversations between children and adults.

Each story has a specific theme. The first book is For Lola, with Love and is an exploration of what love looks like in the world. The second book is Bailey’s Best Behavior, an exploration of being afraid and what it takes to conquer fear. Later books in the series will look at
  • Creating your own happiness
  • If you say you can, or if you say you can’t
  • Friendship: Possibilities and pitfalls
  • Being present
  • What good are rules
  • “Horse of a different color” celebrating the ways in which we are all the same

This series of books can be distinguished from other “morality” stories for children in the following ways
  • Simple elegant language is suitable for reading to children, ages 4 and 5, and for children to read to themselves, ages 6 and 7.
  • Real content – although the stories are fictional the horses behave as real horses do and the conversations between children and adults recounted in the stories have actually happened.
  • The subject of each book is approached in a meaningful conversation between children and adults. This conversation exists in the space of clarity, within children’s relationships with parents, mentors, and coaches, and accompanied by action steps that are within the capabilities of children.
  • The back matter of the book contains advice to parents on how to help the lesson of the book be real in the daily lives of their children.
  • The stories are contextual, and each is accompanied by a workbook so that children can gain content knowledge as well. The workbooks are interactive, and encourage children to creatively explore what they will learn about horses and horsemanship along with the characters in the book.