Creating the Series


Debora Anne Dyer devotes her life to the care and compassionate relationship with horses. Her career in the horse industry as a trainer of horses and people spans more than three decades. She is a National and World Champion Coach for youth and adult non-professional riders. Debís grew up with horses and the source material for the All Things Possible Farm series comes from her own life and from the horsemanship and life lessons she shares with her students.


Morgan Stoevener lives and rides at Advantage Ranch in Blacksburg, VA, home to about 50 horses. The possibility of Lola was her Christmas present in 2008 when her Mom gave her the use of her best broodmare and a paid breeding to DZ Weedo. It took more than two years before Lola was born. Morganís first competitive love was in the international sport of Equestrian Vaulting, where she earned her a National Team Championship at the age of 10. Shortly thereafter she began competing at the high performance level in the Appaloosa Industry, winning her first World Championship at age 13. Morgan continues her life with horses partnered with her show horses Reno, Money, and Lola.

In the All Things Possible Farm series Morgan explores the creative energy of graphic manipulation to transform the photographs she takes into works of art. Morganís love for art extends to many things and her beautiful hand dyed and hand painted silk scarves can be purchased on line at MS Originals Morgan is a committed student of personal transformation and a practitioner of yoga.